Food Waste

VCMI has co-authored several publications on food waste and is a leading public and industry voice in bringing awareness to the opportunities and solutions surrounding food waste reduction, traceability, and the environment.

VCMI measures waste within the overall analysis of food systems to create pragmatic and sustainable solutions.

The company has worked extensively in the international field of food waste reduction and traceability. VCMI applies specialized value chain diagnostic tools to detect where waste occurs and to determine how to eliminate it. VCMI then participates in the implementation of new practices to solve the issues and ensure successful outcomes.

VCMI’s 2010 “Food Waste in Canada” report estimated that food waste in Canada amounts to $27 billion. In 2014, VCMI released an updated report, which shows the actual quantifiable amount is $31 billion.

On October 4, 2016, VCMI released its latest report, which highlights the issue of food loss and waste (FLW) in Canada and, drawing on global comparisons, puts forward proposals to more effectively tackle food and associated wastes. It proposes how interactions within government and between government and industry be improved to enable the creation of an objective pragmatic roadmap for reducing FLW in Canada.

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