• Tacking Food Loss to Grow Profit in Ontario’s Produce Industry – January 17, 2017

    The Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA) and VCMI are partnering on a food waste reduction initiative tailored to Ontario’s produce industry. For more details visit


  • Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference – “A Future Without Waste” on Oct 29, 2015

    Conference website:

    Dr. Martin Gooch joins panel discussion on “Inglorious Food: Food Waste and the Supply Chain”

    SPARK Talk: Tristram Stuart, Founder of Feedback, National Geographic Emerging Explorer

    The United Nations says about a third of all food grown or produced for humans goes to waste and, here in Canada, recent studies suggest that wasted food costs our economy about $31 billion per year. This session kicks off with remarks by a global campaigner, followed by a panel familiar with the real challenges, opportunities and successes in the fast emerging field of food-waste reduction. What can they tell us about the state of waste in the supply chain? How is the value of food waste being re-defined? What are businesses and governments doing to address food waste, on their own and together?


    Moderator: Shelley Carroll, Councillor, City of Toronto, Ward 33 Don Valley East