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Blade Farming Case Study – A Revolutionary Beef and Veal Production System

August 19, 2014 — The Blade Farming case study has now been updated and is available via the following link: Blade Farming Beef and Veal Production Case Study – August 2014

The case study explains how Blade Farming, a UK company, developed a highly innovative and successful beef and veal production system. The system brings all parties/businesses of the value chain together in such a way that results in them being able to produce, process, and market beef more sustainably and profitably than traditional systems.

Industry Collaboration Needed to Tackle the $27 Billion in Food Wasted in Canada Each Year

“Developing an Industry Led Approach to Addressing Food Waste in Canada”, a study commissioned by Provision Coalition, looks to combat the 30-40 percent of food lost along the Canadian food value chain with much of it finding its way to landfill or composting. For full study, please click here.

The study, managed by the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) and led by researchers at the Ivey Business School and Value Chain Management Centre (a division of Value Chain Management International), aimed to map the food waste challenge in the context of Ontario’s and Canada’s agri-food industry and develop a coordinated strategy for tackling the food waste challenge in Canada.

For full news release, please click here.


Cut Waste, GROW PROFIT™ Forum 2013 — November 12, 2013


Cut Waste, GROW PROFIT™ 2013 Forum  ¦   November 12, 2013   ¦    Maple Leaf Foods Inc.’s ThinkFOOD! Centre, Mississauga, Ontario

Thank you to the delegates who attended and to the speakers and sponsors. Click on the link above to see the speakers’ presentations.

Key Findings from Cut Waste, GROW PROFIT™ Forum

13.3 million Canadian households (2011 data) on average waste $86 of food per month = $1,034 of food each year.

Food and package waste costs supply chain £6.9 billion/year — about 6% of what consumers spend on food.

For more detail on the findings from the Cut Waste, GROW PROFIT™ forum, and to see how businesses are able to profit from reducing food waste, click here.