The Value Chain Management Centre (VCMC) was established in 2008. Its founder, Dr. Martin Gooch, had led the development of successful funding, research and education programs, and with the assistance of seed funding provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Adaptation Council, VCMC became a division of the George Morris Centre in Guelph, Canada.

In April 2013 VCMC moved into a new direction.

Reflecting a growing recognition that value chain management is a distinct management strategy that increases the competitiveness and profitability of all businesses, regardless of the industry sector or country in which they operate, VCMC partnered with leading international experts to form the global advisory group VCM International (VCMI). VCMI’s head office is located in Oakville, Canada.

Dr. Gooch, VCMI’s Chief Executive Officer and co-Partner, has been a proponent of value chain management (VCM) practices for over fifteen years. Applying VCM methodology, he has helped businesses develop closer strategic relationships with customers and suppliers, resulting in their being able to learn and adapt more effectively and to realize greater profits than if operating unilaterally. With the incorporation of VCMI, Dr. Gooch has brought together a unique team of specialists possessing complementary skills to address the challenges and risks that businesses face by not working together in closely aligned value chains.

Members of the Canadian-based team include Dan Laplain (Lean Six Sigma), Chris McKittrick (executive leadership and sales), and Nicole Marenick (consumer and market research). Dr. Lawrence Bonney, a global leader in value chain innovation and strategy, is leading VCMI’s Australasian operations. Benjamin Dent (PhD Candidate), a global leader in environmentally sustainable business models and implementing effective regional food systems, is leading VCMI’s European operations.

Caroline Glasbey, VCMI’s Senior Director, Operations and Communications and co-Partner, is responsible for marketing, communications, project and business management.

A number of the commercially successful initiatives developed by the VCMI team have received international and domestic awards of excellence. They include

  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s 2004 Excellence in Innovation Award (Trafalgar Brewing, Mead),
  • Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Award for 2005 (Pride Pak and Ontario Apple Marketing Group, Pre-Packed Sliced Apples),
  • SIAL award for the World’s Best New Fruit & Vegetable for 2002 (Perfection Fresh Australia, Grape Tomato),
  • Woolworths 2008 Produce Supplier of the Year (Houston Farms).

Other successes, such as the Loblaw Companies Limited and Vineland Growers’ Cooperative Platinum Peach Project, have received international media attention and continue to be featured at industry events.

The VCMI team’s work has been featured in such publications as:

  • Canadian Grocer
  • Food In Canada
  • International Journal of Value Chain Management
  • Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development
  • Journal of International Farm Management
  • Proceedings from the 1st International Conference on Value Chain Management (Springer Publications)
  • The Australian
  • The Grower
  • UK Farmers’ Weekly

VCMI has also been featured on Australian, Canadian, Chinese and UK television.