About Us

VCM International (VCMI) is dedicated to improving the profitability and competitiveness of commercial businesses through promoting and enabling the management of closely aligned value chains. VCMI helps businesses develop closer strategic relationships with customers and suppliers, resulting in their being able to learn and adapt more effectively and realize greater profits than if operating unilaterally.

VCMI’s global consulting team is located in Canada, Europe, and Australasia, and comprises world leaders in quality management, experiential management training, commercial-focused environmental sustainability, and value chain innovation. The team’s expertise in lean thinking, six sigma, sales processes, management systems, consumer research, and value chain analysis has resulted in highly measurable improved profitability for their clients in the agri-food, aeronautical, automotive, pharmaceutical, and service sectors.

Our passion is to help businesses identify what their target consumers value, and then use the resulting insights to reduce costs and, simultaneously, increase revenue.